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toteSmart is an innovative, reversible, and handy grab-and-go insert bag for caregivers on the run.

Meant to carry the essentials such as diapers, hand wipes and a change of clothes; this bag fits easily into any purse, backpack or diaper bag, and can be easily removed and used for diaper changing or other baby emergencies.

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What are people saying about toteSmart?

"A smart solution to ensure you have what you need without lugging a packed diaper bag around. The toteSmart holds my little one's essentials in a compact and organized way; it's all I need for running errands. For longer trips I toss it into my diaper bag and know I'm covered, even if I forget something."
- Natascha K.

"toteSmart is amazing! It’s the perfect size for a busy mom on the go! Diapers, wipes, band-aids, keys, cell phone… everything you need in one handy spot…no more searching around my diaper bag in a panic! I love the bright colours too! And it’s reversible! What more could you ask for! totesSmart is a must have for all moms!"
- Lesley S.

“toteSmart is so practical and convenient.  I love that I can plop in a few diapers and throw it in my purse or glove compartment.  Goodbye bulky diaper bag!”
- Lindsay G.

"The toteSmart has been a great help in various situations. It makes my life much easier and more simplified during a quick park visit or during long-distance air travel to Europe. The toteSmart really proves its worth in single diaper change situations, such as a compact airplane bathroom. We fill the bag with our diaper change and child cleaning necessities, and there is still room left to store parental valuables for shopping and ID. This efficient and light-weight bag doesn't weigh you down like a full-size bulky diaper bag, allowing you to carry and tend to more important things, such as children and their desires. Thanks, toteSmart!"
- David S.

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